Children’s Care, Play, Learning and Development

The Children's Care, Play, Learning and Development qualification provides those hoping to begin a career in the Childcare sector with the knowledge and skills required to become child minders, youth workers or nursery nurses. 

It is also useful for people who want to update and continue their professional development.

The course is split into 2 parts:


Fundamental Principles and Values required for anyone wishing to work in the Childcare sector.


Applies the Fundamental Principles and Values learned in the Core Module to practical scenarios within the childcare sector. 

How we will work with you:

This qualification is delivered through an individual remote learning programme that makes use of online activities and resources, which we hope will give you freedom to learn at your convenience.

This aspect of your learning is supported with a personalised learning plan, a range of online and digital resources and regular one to one sessions.

We aim to be here for you when you need to support, so will make sure you keep us up to date with ongoing email and phone contact.

For any further information about our Children’s Care, Play, Learning and Development course, or to apply, please contact us.