The Practice component of this qualification will assess your ability to put the core Principles into practice. It can be taken at 2 levels:

  • Level 2

  • Level 3

The level you take will be dependant on your past experience and your competence and knowledge of the Core component.

You will develop and demonstrate your knowledge, understanding, behaviours and skills learned in the Core Component and apply these to a number of practical settings.

Course Content:

This qualification will provide you with a practical understanding of:

  • Key principles of children’s care, play, learning and development.

  • Nutrition and hydration in early years.

  • Guidelines for responding to childhood illness or children with specific conditions.

  • Supporting communication and the development of language skills.

Although both levels apply the knowledge learned in the Core component to a range of practice settings, Level 3 requires more commitment as a learner and is assessed to a higher standard. The focus is slightly different for each Level.

Level 2 Practice

This level enables you to reflect and improve upon the basic principles established in the Core component. There is a focus on the application of child-centred strategies and approaches to practical settings to provide you with a skills to feel confident carrying out any Level 2 role in Child Care setting.

Level 3 Practice

This qualification is for those wishing to take up supervisory or self-management responsibilities in a Child Care setting and will encourage you to improve upon your knowledge of child-centred strategies and approaches. The skills learned in this Level provide a good platform of knowledge for your personal progression in a career in the Child Care sector.

For any further information about the Practice component of our Children’s Care, Play, Learning and Development course, or to apply, please contact us.