Caring and Coronovirus- Assessor Kerry's experience on the front line.

Assessing has been my career for many years but before the comfy office chair, I, like many others was a health care assistant working with some of our most vulnerable population- the elderly. I loved my job in care and from it have managed to carve out a career as a health and social care assessor.

That said, given the current Coronavirus situation my heart was undoubtedly pulled back to the job that will always have my heart- care.

I was posted to an under staffed care home to do a twilight shift. When I arrived I was informed that heartbreakingly the cruel, non discriminate killer, Coronavirus, had snuck its way into this home killing a number of its residents.

I can’t lie- I freaked. I am a single mum of two boys and my main task in life is to keep them safe so it felt like walking a cliffs edge, but walk it I did and I started my shift.

What I saw was outstanding.

There is so much coverage in the media at the moment regarding our amazing health and social care sector and the heroes that staff it daily but nothing, I mean, nothing prepared me for the bravery, determination and strength of those I was blessed to work alongside.

PPE is gruelling.

The responsibility of keeping the elderly and vulnerable safe from such a prolific virus is excruciating.

The balance between the head and heart inexplicable.

But these people follow their heart EVERY DAY. They do it because caring is not what they do, it is who they are. It is ingrained in to their souls to give all that they have and all that they are to those who need them most.

I completed 6 hours as a one off shift and then stumbled into bed- shattered. They do back to back 13 hour shifts and then often return home to their families who just like the residents, need them too. They are knackered and undervalued, with cracked hands and bruised ears but they do not complain.

A hero is defined as ‘someone who puts others before himself or herself’- need I say more.

Hats off guys, hats bloody off to you!

#Covid19 #CoronaKindness #StayHome #WithMe #safehands


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