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So now we are limiting our contact it seems like everyone is making TicToc's, singing, dancing and quizzing! Who'd have thought it? So our lovely editor, Mikaela, has asked for some top tips but an expert wasn't available so she asked me.

#1. Remember that game that caused so many fall outs back in the '80's when it first appeared? Yup Trivial Pursuit. It has six categories of questions and in any general knowledge quiz you will find a mix of these. If you are playing in a team - pick your members. Someone should know a lot about each category and a little about others.

#2. The only category that isn't represented there is 'current affairs'. So tip number two is to look at the week that was. So any famous dates happening around this time in history? Quiz masters LOVE that kind of thing - shows that they are knowledgeable and current (hmmm - that and they have the answers in front of them)

#3. Speaking of quizmasters - know your questioner - their age, interests, when choosing questions they will be drawn to facts that they find interesting. Unless they have just read this and then I suggest you just scrap tip number 3!

#4. Don't ever state what you are good at too loudly or boastfully. Many years ago I did this with a team member when I declared rather loudly (yes and probably a bit boastfully) that I was "...good at history" which it soon became apparent that I wasn't. He, on the other hand answered all of his category right. This led to more and more teasing until the end of the evening I told him that "Ok - I can't remember everything, I mean, history is what happened from this moment back to the year dot and you just have to remember what? Oh yes - Disney films." We are still friends.

#5. Have fun. I have played in teams and against teams with very competitive people and they really don't seem to have a good time unless they win. Why? The race is only with yourself. The most memorable moments are those when the most unlikely of people come out with the most obscure (but correct) answers leaving everyone else speechless. You won't remember who won what but I guarantee you will remember those moments.

Good luck, enjoy and stay safe.

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