Mental Health Awareness week-The Covid 19 symptom we didn't see coming.

The covid 19 symptom we didn't see coming..

Having a child with chronic lung disease, our obvious first concern when hearing about the coronovirus was the physical impact it could have on our sons very small and immature lungs.

Little did we know it was Reggie's mental health that was going to take the biggest hit.

Reggie has always shown autistic traits and has a high chance of autism due to prematurity. He is on the waiting list for screening. Unfortunately this pandemic has escalating things quite considerably and increased the severity of these traits.

The low days are so much lower and the happy days fewer in number. He visibly struggles to leave the house and has regressed developmentally and socially. Probably the most upsetting of changes is the increase in Reggie's melt downs and subsequent head banging- the other day he hit his head with such force that he grazed his skin, the marks are still visible 3 days later.

It is heartbreaking.

To keep him physically healthy we have one very easy option- to continue to shield him.

The path to mental wellness is less clear and likely a lot longer.

I'm sharing this glimpse as I know that we are not alone in this. Although isolation remains the safest thing we can do for our children, the effects are wide reaching and so many of our younger generation are suffering.

I wish I was ending this post on a positive with a whitty punch line or some wise guidance, but to be honest, the pot is empty.

All I can offer is our experience, the knowledge that no one is alone in this and the hope that as mental health awareness is increasing that we not forget that out younger generation can and do suffer too.

Stay safe x