Procrastination all the way...

So today was CPD day for our team. I was looking forward to it, eager even and fully prepared. First thing – switch on out of office message on my emails. A polite one for external contacts and a ‘you should be doing your CPD for colleagues’. In truth this should have been much quicker and simpler than it turned out to be but thanks to Outlook help and a Youtube video made by a 12 year old and their cat as co-presenter, I got there.

Out of message on, a recovery cup of tea drank and my less informative cat fed, I sat down to retrieve all the emails I had received from my assessor which I had ‘filed’ for attention as soon as I had time. This could have been more straightforward if I had filed them somewhere useful as I received each one, but no, I’d left them to survive the pressure of my ever-full inbox. So a game of email hide and seek was needed – or was it? In one of the many lockdown webinars I have attended, offered free by people who just seem to have so many more skills to share than me, I remember a Sweep function being mentioned. Proud of myself, and looking at a kitchen floor much in need of a sweep, I consulted Youtube again. No cat this time, just a really useful tutorial. Sweep almost mastered, 2 cups of tea drank, a kitchen floor now swept (the joys of procrastination) and all 4 recent emails from my tutor are safely filed in a new folder named after her.

Feeling very guilty now and wondering how I have managed not to respond to four emails from my very lovely assessor over the last few lockdown weeks. My intention was good, followed by my enthusiasm to make good use of this time to complete as many of the knowledge and understanding assessment criteria of my ILM qualification as possible. So what happened?


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